Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Syllabus MBA & Notes, Semester-1, MDU Rohtak, How to prepare for MBA, MDU 2011, INDIAN ETHOS AND VALUES

How to Prepare notes MBA Semester -1 MDU DDE Two Years. Preparation of MBA MDU Rohtak with easy notes & syllabus .

INDIAN ETHOS AND VALUES Paper code:  2.17/5.77/3.15

Indian Ethos Notes, Management Course 2011 
MBA MDU semester-I  INDIAN ETHOS AND VALUES is the easiest paper for all students.  There will be four units in each paper and students have to attempt five question one question from each unit.  So prepare analyses notes self and score well.


Model of management in the Indian socio-political environment ; work ethos; Indian heritage in production and consumption; Indian insight into TQM.

Problems relating to stress in corporate management-Indian perspective; teaching ethics; trans-cultural human values in management education.

Relevance of values in management; need for values in global change-Indian perspective; values for managers; holistic approach for managers in decision making; secular versus spiritual values in management.

Personal growth and lessons from ancient Indian educational system; science and human values.

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